Birth Preparation Course | Ingrid Lewis | South London

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Prepare for the everyday miracle of giving birth

This course is open to all wanting to prepare for birth whether you come with a birthing partner or alone, and on a 1-2-1 basis.


This course helps you to prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for labour and birth. It is designed to inform, empower and prepare you and your chosen birth partner for the everyday miracle of giving birth. The course helps you to go to the place where birth happens more easily, where the mind can be quiet so that the body can take over.

We identify the most common potential physical, mental and emotional obstacles to a straightforward labour and birth and practise together how to address these.

The course combines indigenous knowledge about labour and birth of the Yaka Pygmies (Congo) and Mayan Midwives (Belize) and the yogic wisdom of the ancient sages with newest scientific research.

You and your chosen birthing partners learn positive intervention methods to help reduce pain, aid the descent of the baby, optimise the natural progression of labour and how to help safeguard your birthing environment, safety and dignity.

The course is taught by Ingrid Lewis a public health professional, physiotherapist, yoga teacher and therapist specialising in women's health.


Know the birthing body & be in charge

    • The physiology of labour & birth – learn how to optimise hormonal output to use the physiological stages for the natural progression of labour more fully

    • The anatomy of birth - get to know your bony pelvis & learn which birthing position is most conducive to maximize space in the bony pelvis aiding the descent of your baby

    • Movements & positions for labour & birth that maximise space in the pelvis and aid optimal fetal positioning

    • 'Positive Intervention methods' for labour & birth - coping with long or rapid labour, turning OP, creating space in a narrow pelvis

    • Guidance on writing your birth plan

    • Your 'baby moon' – the first month as a newborn family


    Know the birthing self and be in touch

    • Learn techniques to address mental & emotional obstacles (worry, anxiety, negative thoughts or influenced by others)
    to a straightforward birth

    • Birthing breathing – learn breathing techniques to activate the cerebellum

    • Dealing with pain – pain release techniques

    • Dealing with fear - affirmations, fear & stress release techniques

    • Deep relaxation – yoga nidra, visualisation & self-hypnosis techniques for labour & birth