Birth Preparation Course | Ingrid Lewis | South London

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This half day workshop is ideally for you and your husband or the person who will be your birthing partner. You can of course also come on your own.


Physical, mental and emotional preparation for labour and birth. This workshop is aimed to equip you with skills to birth in harmony with nature. It will help you to go 'to the place where birth happens'; where mind stops and body takes over. We identify potential physical, mental and emotional obstacles to a straightforward labour and birth and practise together how to overcome them. Your birthing partners will learn simple 'positive intervention methods' to enable them to help reduce pain, aid the descent of the baby and to safeguard your birthing environment.


Getting to know the birthing body & being in charge includes:

  • Pelvic mapping (helps you to get to know your bony pelvis & determine which birthing position is most conducive for your unique pelvic shape)

  • Optimal foetal positioning (according to your unique pelvic shape)

  • Natural anatomy & physiology of birth (helps you to use the physiological stages to aid natural progression of labour)

  • Birthing breathing (breathing techniques to activate cerebellum)

  • Comfort measures and positive intervention methods for pregnancy, labour and birth (includes turning breech, turning OP, creating space in a narrow pelvis etc)

Getting to know the birthing self & being in touch includes:

  • Emotional/mental obstacles to the everyday miracle of a straightforward birth (4 emotional stages during pregnancy)

  • Mental obstacles (fear, worry, anxiety, negative thought samskaras, influenced by others)

  • Different emotional phases & dreaming

  • Releasing emotions using body & visualisation skills etc.

  • Deep Relaxation