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pregnancy ante natal yoga

(14 weeks to 40+ weeks)

Bringing life into life through your own is the greatest miracle of all. Each mother deserves to be nurtured and cherished during her pregnancy and it is her birth-right to labour and birth in dignity the way her body tells her to. The classes provide a warm and supportive environment to guide you safely through every stage of pregnancy, preparing you for labour and birth. The classes aim to equip you with the knowledge necessary to address common pregnancy ailments and potential physical, mental or emotional obstacles that may hinder a straightforward birth to give you the confidence and strength to BIRTH YOUR WAY. During the course you will have several workshop type yoga classes (birthing breathing; dealing with fear; comfort measures for labour; pelvic mapping; meet the midwive:q&a). You also receive handouts as we go through the course. You can join at any time during the course given that places are available.
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The Benefits

  • Helps you to feel fit and strong and well prepared for birth

  • It keeps the body toned and supple without straining and is useful to relieve pain in labour and childbirth

  • Yogic breathing helps you to connect with the birthing muscles, giving you control and confidence especially if you are a first-time mother

  • Your posture is improved to encourage optimal fetal positioning for birth and rapid recovery of muscle tone after birth

  • Helps you to discover and know your birthing body

  • Gives you the space and time to connect with your unborn child


What the Course Covers

Yoga for mid pregnancy (14 - 30 weeks)
Yoga for late pregnancy (30 - 40+ weeks)

  • The anatomy and natural physiology of labour and birth

  • Pelvic floor exercises

  • Pelvic mapping (discover your unique pelvic shape to know which birthing positions are best for you)

  • Yogic breathing and birthing breathing

  • Strengthening birthing muscles

  • All over strengthening

  • Loosening hips and pelvis

  • Comfort measures for labour

  • Optimal fetal positioning

  • Dealing with fear (fear and stress release techniques)

  • Deep relaxation (breathing, meditation and creative visualisations)

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