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Gingi Lee

Gingi founded the Shala as a dedicated ashtanga yoga centre in 1998. He has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and is one of the country's most established ashtanga yoga teachers. Gingi began studying and teaching martial arts in the 1980s with his father, Sensei Richard Taibong Lee. During an early trip to India, Gingi came into contact with yoga and spent many years returning to India to study and devote himself to the discipline. For two years he apprenticed with the late Derek Ireland, completing a final training course in Goa. He then went to Mysore to continue his studies with Sri Pattabhi Jois and then completed a two-year teacher training course with Graeme Northfield of Australia.

Gingi has hosted many yoga holidays and workshops in this country and abroad, including combined retreats with John and Lucy Scott, and Kristina Ireland. He continues to run regular workshops and retreats, which often include elements of pranayama, meditation and tai chi. He is a well-respected teacher who has remained at the forefront of the ashtanga yoga community. He has taught, trained and inspired many British ashtanga yoga teachers and has played a key role in popularizing ashtanga yoga in the UK. His teaching is characterised by sensitivity, warmth and a deep commitment to the practice. Click here for testimonials.


Michaela Clark yoga teacher

Michaela Clark

Michaela began practicing Astanga yoga in 1988 and began teaching in 1996, after completing an intensive training with her first teacher Derek Ireland. Since then she has spent many years teaching yoga at the Life Centre and Triyoga as well as teaching privately in London and abroad. She has also written two books on yoga Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners and Ashtanga Yoga for Women.

Michaela is a highly experienced teacher who enjoyes working with students of all levels. She is known for her skilled adjustments, her infectious enthusiasm and her warm and imaginative teaching style.


orisheema at the shala

Ori-Shemma Shombe

Ori-Shemma has been a practitioner of yoga for over 10 years. She first encountered pregnancy yoga whilst carrying her first child, and was overwhelmed by the benefits. Feeling a heartfelt passion that all women should have the opportunity to be empowered physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually during pregnancy and childbirth, she trained with the world renowned Françoise Barbira Freedman of Birthlight to become a perinatal yoga instructor in 2005. After having her second child in 2006, Ori-Shemma trained as a baby yoga instructor and then subsequently she completed a baby massage course. Her classes are engaging, filled with vitality, positivity and joy but always leaving you with a feeling of serenity. Ori-Shemma is also a holistic health therapist with disciplines including: homeopathy, nutrition and massage.


andy at the shala

Andy Gill

Andy has been practicing yoga since 1991, covering both the Iyenger and ashtanga vinyasa yoga styles. His studies have seen him practice with John Scott, David Williams, Danny Paradise, Rolf and Marci Naurojat, Dena Kingsberg, David and Doug Swenson and Gingi Lee with whom Andy has served a teaching apprenticeship. Andy brings an informed and non-dogmatic approach to his teaching whilst remaining consistent and true to the ashtanga vinyasa yoga system. Students will find his approach both challenging and rewarding. Andy strives to understand the individual needs of each of student and is passionate about the healing power of yoga, something he has experienced first handin his recovery of two spinal injuries. Andy's classes are full of joy which comes from his generosity as a teacher and his natural approach to teach from the heart.


rachel barlow at the shala

Rachel Barlow

Rachel has been a yoga practitioner since 2001 and teaching full-time since 2006. She teaches yoga with warmth, compassion and humour. She hopes to inspire her students through her own commitment to the practice of Astanga Vinyasa yoga and her passion for yoga and understanding of movement. Rachel continues to be inspired by both the students she teaches and the teachers she practices with. Rachel also has a BTEC Diploma in sport and remedial massage therapy and is undergoing teacher training in sport and remedial massage.

kath at the shala

Kath Roberts

With over 20 years experience of yoga, Kath has incredible knowledge of the yoga practice. This extensive knowledge, combined with her lovely manner and innate humility, makes her teaching particularly special. Her precise sense of alignment comes from years of studying Iyengar yoga. Her formal training includes Iyengar Teachers Training Course, Yoga Therapy Diploma and a three year Teacher Training course with Graeme Northfield. She has also worked with Dona Holleman and Cllive Sheridan, who have greatly influenced her yoga and style of teaching. Kath is now working on the third series in the ashtanga system.


Elinore Burke yoga teacher

Elinore Burke

Elinore has received the authorisation level 2 teaching qualification from the K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, South India. She has been practicing yoga since 1996 and teaching since 2004. Early on she trained in the Bihar Yogic Tradition of Northern India at the Banaras School of Yoga and later was captivated by the strength and grace of the Ashtanga form, her daily practice since 2001. She journeys regularly to Mysore to continue her yoga study, as well as attending workshops for yoga and massage with world-renowned practitioners. Visit Elinore's website for more information.


nikos klironomos at the shala

Nikos Klironomos

Nikos has been teaching Ashtanga Yoga since 2003. He has studied the system with Hamish Hendry, Roberta Giannotti, Denise Christian and Anna Wise and through his ongoing apprenticeship at Astanga Yoga London he has gained invaluable knowledge and experience in teaching it. He is also a qualified Reiki Master and classical musician.


Ian Cheney assistant yoga teacher

Ian Cheney

Ian was first introduced to Astanga Yoga in 2002 and has studied primarily under the guidance of Gingi Lee. In 2013 he completed his Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Programme with world renowned teacher John Scott and then continued his studies and practice at the K. Pattabhi Jois Astanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India with Sharath Jois. Over the years, he has also studied with Manju Jois, David Keil, Greg Nardi, Dena Kingsberg, Rolf Naujokat and Kristina Ireland. He joined the Shala team as an assistant teacher in 2014 and also assists John Scott on various workshops.

Ian brings with his teaching the dedication and enthusiasm he has within his own practice. He believes that yoga is a deeply personal experience and encourages students to find their own space, in balance with the wisdom of the tradition. Fundamentally though, while yoga can be challenging on many levels, first and foremost it should be a loving, warm and fun experience for all.